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On this day, the church commemorates the memory of the two apostles of Christ, Peter and Paul. As the zealous propagators of Christianity, they have suffered a great deal of suffering and persecution and have been called "supreme capitals and universal teachers."

According to popular beliefs, St. Peter is the lock of the gates of paradise and the chief judge of human sins, who determines which soul is righteous and worthy to enter paradise.

Rites and traditions of Petrovden

On that day, a "Peter chicken" was riding. Early in the morning, women carry a stake and early apples in the church. Sanctified by the priest, they carry health. No important agricultural work should be done on this day. On land, a prayer is made for rain.

In some places, the people celebrate St. Paul the next day June 30 - Pauline Day.

                                                                                                                                 June 29 - Petrovden

On this name day celebrated: Petrana, Peter, Petya, Paul, Peacock, Pauline, Stone

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