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The church celebrates St. George the Victorious - one of the most revered saints of Eastern Orthodoxy. The son of wealthy Christian parents, he became a passionate follower of Christ's faith. As her defender, he was cruelly tortured and beheaded. George became the model of the "ideal Christian warrior" and patron saint of war and army.

Rites and Traditions at St. George's Day

The holiday is also known as St. George's Day, St. George's Day, St. George's Day, St. George's Day, and is celebrated on the day of Christian saint George, who is the patron saint of shepherds and herds in folk performances.

The people divide the year into two cycles: summer - from St. George to St. Petersburg, and winter - from St. Petersburg to St. George.

From St. George's Day begins the new cattle year, milking milk, lamb slaughter.

Many customs and rituals are performed against St. George's Day and the holiday, aimed at ensuring the health of people, the breeding of animals and the protection of the main animal product - milk.

The woman in the house gets up early in the morning on St. George's day before sunrise, sweeps the yard and the road and slams the doors with geranium, flowering twig of fruit tree and lilac for health. The greenery remains on the door until it dries. This is done for health, happiness and bridal year.

In addition to customs for health and fertility, rituals are also performed to banish evil, which can badly affect animals and deprive them of their fertility and milkiness. The people practice protective magic through the use of plants and shrubs covered with thorns and thorns, veining and flaring, with a strong and intrusive odor - garlic, nettle, hawthorn, blackberry.

The night against St. George's Day is good for doing magic, then "playing" the buried estate, and St. George wipes the earth with dew for health and healing from disease. That's why people say that at St. George's Day, every drop is an acorn. It is believed that anyone who bathes in running water on this day will be healthy for a year, and women who have no children, if they go naked in the morning dew, will conceive.

Tradition requires every house to bake a lamb for St. George's Day.

                                                                                                                      May 6 - St. George's Day

On this name day celebrated: Galya, Georgi, Gergana, Ginka, Ganka, Gancho

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