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Great Virgin

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the 12 great Christian holidays. According to Scripture, this is the day on which the mother of God, at the age of 64, leaves earthly life and goes to her son.

Traditions and rituals

According to folk tradition, the holiday is called the Holy Virgin, unlike the Little Virgin, when the birthday of the mother of Christ is celebrated. Nobody does anything. Kurds are made and the sick spend the night in "holy places" for health.

The Virgin is being milled from the new grain. They make ritual breads for the holiday and believe that if it rains on this day, there will be great fertility next year. Lamb is slaughtered for the festive table, pre-fed and smoked as it is on St. George's Day.


Old beliefs advise that day to avoid touching anything that is red, so that young brides do not become spruce.

It is believed that the Virgin helps childless women obtain childbirth. That is why at the Feast of the Assumption, the young brides and brides without children bring gifts - home-made towels, aprons, socks, flowers, and place them under the icon of the saint.

                                                                                                                                                       August 15 - Holy Mother of God

On this Name Day celebrations: Maria, Marianna, Marianna, Mario, Despina

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